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Hi there👋🏻!
I'm Arda Fevzi Armutcu

About Me

I am a... former 3rd year English Language and Literature student in Turkey. I am committed to learn new skills, and try out new stuff whenever I have the time to do so. Hence the reason this website is about everything except my university major 😅. Anyways, don't forget to check my Blog Page and Gallery for more content!

Recent Projects 💻

A Noble Pursuit Cover
Submission to Winter VN Jam '22
Game > Visual Novel
Night Time Visit Cover
Submission to Spooky 2D Jam '22
Game > Horror
Project BioBot Cover
Submission to GoedWare Game Jam #5
Game > Puzzle
Tamagochi Cover
A Tamagochi game as a birthday present for my friend.
Game > Strategy
Portfolio Cover
My Portfolio. You are looking at it right now!
Website > Portfolio
Novel Tracker Cover
Novel Tracker is a simple novel and light novel tracker.
Website > Book Tracking
Lunar Lander Cover
A simple remake of Lunar Lander for a game jam.
Game > Platformer