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❗As the name suggests, this page is dedicated to my released projects.
🔓Majority of them are open-source, and can be found on my GitHub profile. Feel free to check them out!


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    Game | Visual Novel
    Acerola Jam 0,Visual Novel,Ren'Py,Python,Game Jam,Multiple Endings,Story Rich,2D,Surreal,Open-Source

    Submission to Acerola Jam 0. I tried to go out of my comfort zone in this project as much as possible. Be it, drawing backgrounds, a lot of CGs and writing a different genre of story.

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    Website | Server

    A livestreaming website/server for occasional programming and drawing streams.


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    Game | Visual Novel
    2D,Coming of Age,Cozy,Drama,Kinetic Novel,Medieval,Narrative,Singleplayer,Story Rich,GameJam,Ren'Py,Python

    Submission to Winter VN Jam '22

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    Game | Horror
    2D,Atmospheric,Creepy,Exploration,Halloween,Horror,Monsters,Mystery,Pixel-Art,GameJam,Unity,C Sharp

    Submission to Spooky 2D Jam '22

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    Game | Puzzle
    3D,First-Person,fps-platformer,Robots,Short,Singleplayer,Unity,GameJam,Unity,C Sharp

    Submission to GoedWare Game Jam #5

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    Game | Strategy
    2D,Pet,Simulator,Idle,Minigames,Unity,Open-Source,C Sharp

    A Tamagochi game as a birthday present for my friend.


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    My Portfolio. You are looking at it right now!

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    Book Tracker,Light Novel,NextJS,Abandoned,Open-Source

    Novel Tracker is a simple novel and light novel tracker.


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    Game | Platformer
    2D,Space,GameJam,Arcade,Remake,Unity,C Sharp

    A simple remake of Lunar Lander for Polyrealm Game Jam.